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Our way of working is close to the client with quick, timely and realistic responses to the needs of each client, anticipating the events.

Valentina Araya Salas

Lawyer University of Los Andes. He joined the Doña Riveaux Abogados law firm in 2019.

His practice has consisted of advising companies in matters of Labor Law, corporate and immigration matters, audits and processing of labor litigation, attending hearings before the Labor Courts, dealing with issues of unjustified dismissals, subcontracting, labor protection, workplace accidents. work and occupational diseases. Thus, he also has experience in processing before the Labor and Pension Collection Courts and in the development and presentation of arguments in the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.


  • Lawyer from the Universidad de los Andes. (2018)

  • Candidate for a Master's degree in labor law from the Universidad de los Andes company (2021)

  • Candidate in Litigation Course in Labor Oral Lawsuit National Academy of Litigation ANL (2021)



Spanish and English


Valentina Araya Salas


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