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As technology continues to evolve, it has created new and complex privacy concerns throughout the workplace. 

Personal data protection

Companies collect and use amounts of information about their customers, but also about their employees. As technology continues to evolve, it has created new and complex privacy concerns throughout the workplace.


Contact tracing, biometric authentication, incident response planning and training, use of handheld devices and GPS tracking, and protecting sensitive data amid an increasingly remote workforce - the complexities and pitfalls are endless. Businesses need an experienced and knowledgeable law firm to help them assess risks and take appropriate action.

Our team will guide you to comply with the innumerable local and international laws (such as the GDPR in case of having an employee with European nationality or dual nationality) related to privacy and data protection to avoid litigation, compensation actions for damages and negative publicity. As part of a firm that focuses solely on employment law, we fully understand the broader context and all aspects of workplace law and policy that pertain to privacy.

In addition to preparing proactive data security programs, we help you address data breaches when they occur. 

Partner Santiago Doña Vial is "very knowledgeable, up to date and always available to assist us," clients enthuse. Another interviewee also praises him for "his ability to provide effective and efficient solutions to problems."

Chambers and Partners

'Dedicated' employment law boutique Doña Riveaux fields specialists in union issues, labor advisory, due diligence, trials and visa procedures. It acts for national and international clients from areas such as construction, food, concession companies, vineyards and non-profit organizations. Santiago Doña is Guerrero Olivos' former labor practice head; senior associate Margarita Riveaux's experience includes defense litigation, occupational disease lawsuits, day-to-day advice and collective bargaining; and Carolina Lira (at Fontaine & Cía until mid-2019) is an experienced associate.

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